Help with using mod_news_show_sp2_j3 (joomshaper) to display article ratings

by kije   Last Updated September 12, 2017 23:10 PM

I enabled rating in the module setting and needed to display ratings for articles, the grey stars appear without showing the respective articles ratings.

If i change "width:<?php echo $list[$i]->rating ?>%"


"width:<?php echo $list[$i]->item->rating ?>%"

The yellow stars appear but does not correspond to the rated articles.

<?php /*Ratings*/ if ($article_show_ratings): ?>
<div class="ns2-rating">
<div class="ns2-rating-bar">
<div style="width:<?php echo $list[$i]->rating ?>%"></div>  
<?php endif; ?>

Alternatively, if anyone has an active subscription, He/She can help with this template - Shaper Neo - JoomShaper Joomla Magazine Template. The module was used in the template to display articles rating and it will guide one in solving my problem.

Thanks for your assistance.

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