Use the "sql" form field type in config.xml only if the table exists

by Yiannis   Last Updated May 06, 2017 07:10 AM

I developed an extension for Joomla!, and I have the below sql parameter field in my config.xml

<field name="include_categories_k2" type="sql" default="" label="Include K2 Cats" description="" query="SELECT id, name FROM #__k2_categories ORDER BY name" key_field="id" value_field="name" multiple="true" />

I got sql error because the K2 is not installed on a client's website. The problem is how to check if the table #__k2_categories exists first before getting data from there?

Ok, one solution is to create elements and check there if the component exists, but is there another simple solution to avoiding create custom elements?

Thank you.

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