Magento 2.3 - For Multi Website where should be create Symbolic links folder - Root folder or Pub folder?

by zus   Last Updated June 30, 2020 02:09 AM

I just want to create multi-website, i read some links to guide me to create a subfolder and create symbolic links of app,pub,lib,var and copy index.php & .htaccess from root folder to a subfolder.

Here where i can create a subfolder Root folder or Pub folder?

This guide leads to create under Root folder =>

This guide leads to create under Pub folder =>

Which one should I follow?

And how to add my localhost URL to my Nginx configuration, most of the documents and online links teach only live URL.

My single store Nginx Configuration :

server {
listen 8087;
server_name gomart;
set $MAGE_ROOT /usr/share/nginx/html/gomart;
include /usr/share/nginx/html/gomart/nginx.conf.sample;
error_log /usr/share/nginx/html/gomart/gomart_error.log;
access_log /usr/share/nginx/html/gomart/gomart_access.log;
set $MAGE_RUN_TYPE website;

upstream fastcgi_backend2 {

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