Magento 1.9 Cookie is too large

by Jose Rafael Mendes Barbosa   Last Updated August 14, 2019 12:09 PM

I am working on a fix to a website in the company that I work, and we got a report from one of the users that the site was taking too long to process things and was told that they got a message saying that cookies were too big.

I tried to buy several times on localhost, but everything sounds fine, I could not replicate or find a way to replicate this.

Anyone in here knows how to help me out with this?

Good help could be:

  1. a tool that could help me to find this spot that is generating a huge cookie
  2. any module that could prevent this big cookie issue
  3. I suspect that the frontend cookie might be the issue if someone has any suggestions about this (but on localhost I can't see this growing, only on the live, so I might need to test solutions over there)
  4. any tips for Nginx, I also think that might be Nginx configuration

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