Strange behavior with store views, cms pages, cookies

by Prince   Last Updated August 14, 2018 17:09 PM

Config :

Front : I have Two store views 1:simple, 2:pro.

Admin : 1Website->1StoreGroup->2Storeviews: simple and pro

Cms Pages : I created different Cms pages, let's taking for example : 2 (A,B) for simple view and 2 (C,D) for pro view (Content->Pages->cmsPage->Website page->set Simple for the first two and Pro for the other two).

Practical case :

In front When I switch to the Simple storeView ?___store=simple I find my two pages (A,B) and also with ?___store=pro I find my two other pages (C,D) Great.

Now When I click on the A page, I get it cool, but when I switch to the other store view pro and I click on C page It redirect to the simple store one with 404 page not found (404 because the page was configured just for the pro one), Im obliged to set for each time the storeView a?___store=simple, c?___store=pro etc... and I don't need that, it's not normal.

Why It redirects to the first one (the default one) ? from the moment I changed the store, this one is saved in a cookie and Magento logically is able to recover the current store view, here is not the case.

I checked the cookies config with an empty value, domaine value, flush the caches etc... but without success.

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