Log which product attributes are used (ie: read from DB)?

by James Ludlow   Last Updated June 25, 2018 11:09 AM

I've taken over a Magento 2 site that is a bit of a mess. There's been an import routine running that has been creating thousands of product attributes.

None of them seem to be used on the product pages, some of the are used in a couple of custom modules. I can't be sure which are being used somewhere and which aren't.

Is there a way to know exactly which attributes are being used, whether that be output on frontend to the customer, or utilised in some module somewhere?

I've thought of a couple of options:

  1. Add an event to the Product/Attribute/Repository get method that I can then log.

  2. Maybe place some logging on the eav_attribute database table?

If anyone has had to do something similar in the past or has some feedback on what the best option would be it would be much appreciated!

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