Redirect to same url on base domain if user not logged in - Multisite Magento 2

by danbacci   Last Updated May 15, 2018 20:09 PM

I have a multistore Magento 2 installation running and have overcome most of the multisite issues. Site is set up like this:
A. Base Guest Domain =
B. Logged in Domain = / prices

Catalog and users are shared. Themes are different with different blocks showing.

Only logged in users are able to access the price domain and see pricing for our products.

The issue will occur if a logged in user copy and pastes a link for and sends it to a user not logged in. I would like to re direct or rewrite (possibly using htaccess and cookies?) to the base domain so the link will redirect a not logged in user to

Another issue is a logged in user doesn't go to the /price site and doesn't see the pricing on the base site. I would like to also re direct or rewrite them.

Is there a cookie created at login that only logged in users receive that I can use for htaccess?

I hope this makes sense and any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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