Dependent attributes?

by Scott   Last Updated November 14, 2017 18:09 PM

I searched through a number of posts but didn't quite see any specific to what I'm looking for - or at least not with a sufficient answer to what I need.

We are going to be selling a product with an option for a customization (imprinting). Imprinting requires selecting a color and a font for the imprint, but the color and font are only relevant if the customer wants to add imprinting to the product.

Is it possible (using the existing Magento 2 gui tools) to have an option that will only display when another option is selected to a particular value, or will this have to be codified or otherwise done with an aftermarket plugin?

Another thing I considered was that I saw it supports both 'related products' and 'upsell' options. Presumably I could create a parallel configurable product description 'with' imprinting default and show it as some kind of an up-sell option on the product 'without' imprinting or the extra two options. But this leaves me to wonder if there is any kind of 'duplicate' or 'clone' product to create the starting point for the 'upsell' version without having to enter all the [shared] information again manually?

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