Magento extension not showing up in back-end

by Jeffrey Ullers   Last Updated October 03, 2017 09:09 AM

What is wrong?

Recently I tried out an extension on my test environment of magento 1.9.2 It was a succesful installation with magento connect.

The extension worked perfectly.

so I tried it out on my real environment but the extension / module doesn't work and won't show up in my modules tab ( system - configuration - advanced ). so I can't enable or disable it.

the files have been places in the right folder ( app - code - community ) So far I tried

reinstalling the extension logging in and out flushing the cache re-indexing the website But sadly it did not seem to work on my real environment.

What extension?

this is about the "Catalog Search Refinement FREE" extension.

The extension has no panel since all this extension does is change the way magento searches for products.

I am new to magento, so I might not know much and I've read a lot but I can't find what I'm doing wrong.

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