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by Krupali   Last Updated August 15, 2018 05:09 AM

How can I execute Cron from command line manually.

In Magento 1.x we can run cron like : 

but in magento 2 how can I do this ?

Please also help me for how can I execute cron from cmd. I already used below command which is not working :

sudo php bin/magento cron:run [--group="customgroupname_cron"]

This is returning exception :

Too many arguments.  

cron:run [--group="..."] [--bootstrap="..."]

------- Update -------


<config xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:module:Magento_Cron:etc/crontab.xsd">

    <group id="customgroupname_cron">
        <job name="customgroupname_cron" instance="Namespace\Modulename\Cron\Customcronjob" method="execute">
            <schedule>* * * * *</schedule>

In execute method of above file I put log. But after 1 minute also that is not generated.So how can I came to know that my method is executed.

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Answers 3

You don't need the brackets when you run the command so you should run:

sudo php bin/magento cron:run --group="customgroupname_cron"
Raphael at Digital Pianism
Raphael at Digital Pianism
June 21, 2016 13:24 PM

cron:run [--group="..."] [--bootstrap="..."]

The [] brackets in a command line prototype merely indicate that the arguments they contain are optional.
In this case, it also states that they are chainable.

Julien Lachal
Julien Lachal
June 21, 2016 13:34 PM

I merged the other answers from this post a bit - so that only one file is needed, and cron jobs can be run via browser or command line.

Usage via command line:

php cronLaunch.php "Vendor\Module\Class"

Usage via browser:



I suggest to copy the source code from below and to store it in src/pub/hidden/cronLaunch.php. It is very important to protect the hidden directory from any unauthorized access!

require '../../app/bootstrap.php';
if (php_sapi_name() !== 'cli' && isset($_GET['job'])) {
    define('CRONJOBCLASS', $_GET['job']);
} elseif (php_sapi_name() !== 'cli') {
    die('Please add the class of the cron job you want to execute as a job parameter (?job=Vendor\Module\Class)');
} elseif (!isset($argv[1])) {
    die('Please add the class of the cron job you want to execute enclosed IN DOUBLE QUOTES as a parameter.' . PHP_EOL);
} else {
    define('CRONJOBCLASS', $argv[1]);

class CronRunner extends \Magento\Framework\App\Http
    implements \Magento\Framework\AppInterface

    public function __construct(
        \Magento\Framework\App\State $state,\Magento\Framework\App\Response\Http $response)
        $this->_response = $response;

    function launch()
        $cron = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance()

        return $this->_response;

$bootstrap = \Magento\Framework\App\Bootstrap::create(BP, $_SERVER);
$app = $bootstrap->createApplication('CronRunner');

Thanks and credits to all the other people who posted answers here!

August 15, 2018 04:32 AM

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